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Super Hair Removal

Fresh on the market, the Super Hair Removal machine offers an alternative method that can replace the daily task of shaving and waxing. After just one appointment clients have already started to see a difference in areas where unwanted hair would grow.

The Super Hair Removal machine not only uses the most up to date technology providing it to be three times faster than other hair removal methods, it is two times more precise providing a cleaner result. The machine continuously fires beams into the skin unlike the more common staggered beam methods that other machines tend to use. Making the treatment consistent in all areas.

Most importantly the benefits of Super Hair Removal is that it is safe, pain free, and cost effective (proven by statistics that state a course of Super Hair Removal treatments permanently remove as much as 95% of hair being treated).

Please note that there needs to be between 1-2mm of hair present on the area you wish to target when attending your consultation. You will also need to shave the area you are targeting a couple of days before your first appointment. An approximate time will be given at your consultation regarding how long your course of treatment will take.

Upper Lip/ Between Eyebrows/Fingers/Toes/Earlobes
Chin/ Nasal Labia£40
Side Burns/ Hands/ Feet£45
Under Arms£50
Basic Bikini£55
Abdomen/ Chest£70
Brazilian/ ½ Arms/ ½ Face/ ½ Back
½ Legs£90
Full Arms£105
Back incl. Shoulders/ Full Legs/ Full Chest & Abdoment£150

* Price of consultation is then deducted from your first booking.


The short answer, No! Like all treatments you will feel some sort of sensation, but it should be pain free. Low lighting will build up heat on the area being treated but it is nothing too intense. Our machines come equipped with a cooling function too for the more sensitive areas. Overall, you wont feel any pain, just some gentle heat.

Each area receiving treatment is different. Appointments vary from every 3 to 6 weeks as hair grows on different parts of the body at different rates. The average course of hair removal usually lasts 8 sessions.

Your consultation will help us determine if you are able to receive treatment and also help us determine your skin type in order for us to plan your course.

Like most treatments a patch test will be done in order to ensure you are suitable for the treatment and that no issues will arise before the full treatment is carried out.

In order for the consultation to be of use you muse have at least 1mm of hair on the area you wish to treat present during the appointment.

Yes! In order for the treatment to work we ask that you are freshly shaved for each session of your course.

Yes, as long as it is natural! Unlike other hair removal methods, a natural tan allows for a tan to be on the skin however, to ensure your best results we recommend that you do not have a tan. Fake tan must NOT be worn when coming to appointments as it coats the skin and therefore decreases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Like other treatments of permanent hair removal, the Super Hair Removal machine works by targeting and killing the individual hair follicles. However, issues such as hormonal changes, medications and/or disorders may stimulate hair growth from an individual follicle which could result in new hair growth from a new follicle.

Yes. As hair growth can be stimulated by hormonal changes, medication etc. it is a possibility that new hair follicles may be stimulated resulting in new hair growth. The exact number of sessions will vary depending on the individual and the factors stimulating their hair growth, however it is not unordinary to need a few maintenance sessions per year to every 2 years.

Results can be noticed immediately after your first session, but you will start to see noticeable results usually after your third session of treatment. Hair follicles that have been destroyed will not reoccur, however those follicles whose growth cycles were not present during your course of treatment may be noticeable but are easy to treat in single sessions (if you notice them early on).

There are four stages to hair growth: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth), Catagen (regression) and Telogen (resting, not growing). The Anagen stage (active hair growth) is only affected by hair removal treatments with each removing 20% of hair covering that area therefore multiple treatments are required for the area to be completely hair free. 

In order to receive the best results on your journey to be completely hair free we have some rules and tips: you will need to have shaved the area you wish to treat 48 hours before your appointment (24 if you have a very fast hair growth). Leaving no visible hair on the skin.

We recommend that at least 6 weeks prior to your first appointment that you stop waxing, threading and plucking in order to receive your best results as there needs to be a certain growth stage present. If you wax or pluck a hair, the hair is completely removed from the follicle and disrupts the hair growth system we need for effective permanent hair removal. Shaving however is totally fine.

We also ask that you be completely free from fake tan due to this also disrupting the course.

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